Find a Local Guide When Traveling

There are many people who travel alone or with just one other person and do not know the area or activities available when they get to where they are going. Travel companies usually set up tours and activities for groups of people that center around the activities most tourists like. If you want a more personalized view of any location, you may want to find a vacation buddy who can show you around town and take you to places you want to go. Doing a travel buddy site review can help you find people who are traveling to the same place as you or who live in a city you are visiting.

If you visit, you can find a guide, chat online and get to know people before meeting them at your destination. You can even use it for a travel dating site if you wish. Members go through a triple verification process during which they have to provide a recent picture, a copy of a photo identification and a valid phone number. Once you are verified you can begin using your membership to meet people, get a date, or offer to be a guide for people visiting your area. You can search the site for like minded people who enjoy what you enjoy and may be available to show you where the locals hang out when you go to a new country or new city.


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